Monday, January 31, 2011


just wanna say
today im dreaming of u

u smile..
u give me a huge smile....
and im smiling to you back..

wish that dreams will come true..!!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

new sem new outfit

im soo excited because im going to start my new semester 3 on this tuesday...
so to start my new sem, i ask my parents to buy some new outfit for wearing to the class... officially my course led me to wear an formal office attire... so i have to looking smart and very "koprat" looking..!!! hahhaa... but seriously i luve to wear like an koprat... with cot.. ohh damn... until know i couldn't find my suitable cot to wear to the class... so expensive ok... 100++... mane den nak cekau duit hah..??? hahahha

so last few days ago, im going to wangsa maju with abah and mak... so i bought new kemeja putih...and sluar slack... quite expansive lorh... huhu... but its ok... abah pay it... hahhaaaa...

so noe im soo excited waiting this tuesday.. bcause im gonna wearing new outfit to college...!!! hahhaa

"Blogger untung RM1juta"

bangun je pagi dah belek surat khabar berite mingguan... dan ape yang wat saya tertarik on the front page is "BLOGGER UNTUNG RM1JUTA".. intersting u noe... ape lagi.. bace la smp abis... "penulis blog yang kreatif boleh meraih pulangan yang lumayan"... cube korg bayangkan.. dengan hanya wat blog and cerite2 yang menarik korg tulis dah bole dapat untung.... unbelieveable..!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

my hair...!!! i need a short hair or just let my hair longer..??
i think i love my hair soo damn u noe...

well actually, i have a very sensetive scalp...
so it turns to dandruff problemsss...!!
then i need to wash my hair 3 to 4 times a week..!!!!
and all my shampoo based on anti-dandruff..
but untill now, there no changes...!! *quite hurting u noe*

i have a friend that she also had a same problem like me.. dandruff ..!!!

so im asking her,
"now what happen to ur hair...?? how u remove ur dandruff until ur skin is ok now"

then she told me,
"aku botak r... xde rmbut dah.. so skrg kelemumur dah ilang..!! "

so im just WHAT..!!! BOTAK...!! omg.. i cant ..... not that easy for me to BOTAK kan kepale.. hahhaaaa.... i cant imagine what look like after im botak...!! hahaha nnt xcomel dahh.. hahhaha :P

so now... i dunno which one is better.. botak or just cut in short my hair..!! but i dun think if i cut my hair short, all my dandruff problem will be solve... but if not..??? MERANE LA..... huhuuuuu

The Best Haircut for Your Face

There are many types of hairstyles out there but not all of them will look good on you unless your hairstyle fits the shape of your face. Anna Lynn C. Sibal, writing on, details which haircut is most flattering for each face type.

1) An Oval Face. The oval face is considered the perfect face. Almost any hairstyle will go with it, whether it's long or short, straight or curly. If you have an oval face, you will do well with having layers near your chin or cheekbones to draw attention to them. However, try to avoid hairstyles that add volumes to the top of your head because it will make your face look longer. (Famous Oval Faces: Sophia Loren, Angelie Jolie)

2) A Long Face. If you have a long or oblong face, you create the illusion of width to balance it out. You can add width to your face by doing your hair with long, side-swept bangs or chin-length bobs. You will also do well with curls and waves that frame the face. You should also avoid letting your hair grow extremely long or having your hair cut extremely short. Such extreme hairstyles will take the width from your face and emphasize its length. (Famous Long Faces: Cher, Holly Marie Combs)

3) A Round face. People with round faces need to take some of the width and bulk off by adding length. To create the illusion of length, you can have your hair cut just below your chin or in graduated layers. Do not do your hair in short, one-length, blunt cuts as this will only draw attention to the roundness of your face. (Famous Round Faces: Kelly Clarkson, Natalie Portman)

4) A Square Face. The hairstyle trick with having a square face is drawing attention away from the jawline. This is done by putting texture into your hair. Short curls do exactly this, as well as long layers that start just below the jawline. Also, you should try not to have your hair cut in one-length bobs or wear bangs that are cut bluntly as this will only emphasize the squareness of your face. (Famous Square Faces: Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts)

5) A Heart-Shaped Face. You should think about bringing attention to your eyes by wearing side-swept bangs, a fringe on your brow or long layers on top. Or, you could let your hair grow and have it done in layers that gently touch your cheekbones.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

broken english..!!

this entry bout my broken english...
actually im not very gud in english...
but atleast im trying to have a gud english by talking and writing..!! :D

im quite jealous with my friends who speaking english..!! 'laju nyer die ckp bi.. best la cara die ckp... nak jgk la..' hahahaa.. that what im feel...!!! huhuhuuu

so now...i try my best with my english..!!


kita merancang..DIA yang tentukan

yup..entry nie tentang perkara yang mmbabit akan ketentuanNYA..!!! i know im a good planner..tapi sebagus2 kite merancang skali pon, xsemstinye ia akan terjadi/berlaku juge... so no matter what we plan, ALLAH are goin to determine bahawa ia akan terjadi atao tidak...

as what i've been plan... for this semester break i just hooping that i need a very2 beautiful moment with my lovely family and also my sweetiee friendss...!!! well i think i already got it..!! hahha..

  • for sure i've been spend my time almost at the home... so my day full with my adorable nephew YUNA..!! hehhee :D

  • without a planned meeting in sogo shopping mall, my friend n i bumped into a beautiful lady while im busy with my new shoes.. then she introduce us about the Mary Kay product and she's also one of the beauty consaltant.. dan tanpa ragu2 she want us to join the event on sunday at petaling jaya.. quite intersting event that i ever join... :)

  • next moment is me, BELLA N FARA... have been long time we haven't meet..almost 1year with fara.. so this our time to enjoy as much as we can... :D

  • dan di ikutkan hari nie iaitu hari khamis, im with my hotelier frends will goin out to sunway pyramid for the ice skating..but unfortunately we didn't make it.. we postpone to another date to make sure everyone must follow,, no excepted..!!!

  • so..i think i WANT to go to mid valley lorh..!! but with whoo..!!! i dun have an accompay to go there... it posible to go there alone rite... but i really hope for 'SOMEONE' to accompany me..!! :D is some random photos..!! enjoyy.. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011


yup... this entry bout him..!!
he CHANGE his profile picture...
and u know with who..???

with his GIRL la..!!!
soo sweet actually this couple..
his girl very cute n quite adorable... :))
pluss... he also such an Handsome man...

both them are such a good person, loving to each other, and have a good background..
PLUS... the most important is - they have an honesty in thier relationship...
so no wonder la they can have a good relationship until now...
i wish i can have too...!!! :P

Thursday, January 13, 2011


sungguh la bosan....
bosan xtao nak wat per kat umah lorh...
mcm blur sgt...
dah la cuti sem 2weeks...
mcm dah xtao nak wat per dah...
nak on9 setiap mase pon bkn nyer bole sgt..
ade mase tertentu je yg bole...
tapi yang pst lepas bangun tidur and sebelum nak tidur
aku akan pastikan ako akan on9 dulu... :)))

so cuti 2minggu nie... banyak je yang ako planning an...maklum la im a good planner rite.. hahaah... tp xtao jadi ke x... :DD

hari nie.. khamis... ade org ajk g jln2... tapi mcm xtao la... blur sgt... nak ke x nk... hati mcm nak..bile fikir2 balik kesian lak nak tinggal kan mak sorg2 jage baby...!!! hurmmm

then... esk... jumaat... nak kluar dgn bella n fara.. g ts.. dah lame xjumpe dorg... miss lorh... :DDD

then... next week.. eemmm plan ape eak... member2 hotel planning nak g sunway pyramid main ice skating... yahooooo.... !!!! sukesuke..... TAPI... TAKOT..!!!! takut nak main ice skating.. takot jatuh... huahuahuahuaaaaaaa....

then... next week jgk planning nak g tgk wayang dgn GURLS... eemmmm :)


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

rindu nak 'usha' awk..!!

xtao knpe ade rse cmnie...
nie pon dah nak dekat kul 1 pagi...
but still u in my mind....

tetibe rase rindu lak...
rindu nak usha2 awak hari2...
rindu nak tgk muke awak...
rindu nak berchatting kat fb dengan awak...

im just miss the moment so bad....
dah lame sgt kite xbchatting kan...
lame sangat..!!!

and almost 1month
saya xnampak awak...!!!!

damn to feel like this...!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


terima saya ape ada nyer...
apa yang awak nampak tu
memang itu saya...

ape yang saya pakai.. tolong jgn komen ape2... saya paling xsuke awak cube banding-banding kan dgn orang lain... yes i know...!! im not prety or beautiful or like princess..!!!! im just simple maszura... this is my style... n this is only me....!!!!

so... please accept me who i am...!!!
kalau awak jujur dengan saya,
awak akan terima saya sebagaimana saya seadanya...!!!


yes... akhirnya... die dah balik
saya dah nmpk die dah...
he left for 3weeks n 3days
n im waiting for him until 3weeks n 3days
oh so suffer u noe...!!!!

saya ingat
dalam mase die xde nie
bole lah saya nak lupekan die


he still in my minds
always in my minds
so now

die dah balik

thousand of smile
on u

cuti sem

eemmm ape yang telah dimaklum kan bahawa cuti sem untuk kolej klmu hanya 2.. bkn 2bulan tapi 2minggu je.... gggrrr...!!!!! ape yang nak buat yer dlm mase 2minggu nie... xpegi kolej so rse sangat boring duk uma... atleast klu kat kolej, bole lepax2 dgn member2.. xde la boring sgt an... so 2minggu kat uma..?? nak wat pe.. mkn tido facebook.... tu je la kot keje ako wat kat uma nie... hhahahaa amat mbosan kan... :(

but ktorg mmber2 klmu igt nak planning something... but xtao la akan mnjadi ke x...

planning untuk sem nie.. :
-nak g main ice skating kat sunway pyramid
-nak g wangsa walk
-nak g the mines
-nak g round 1 kl

wah banyak je planning an.. tah dpt ke x pegi nyer... xpe.. atleast kite merancang... biar DIA yang tentukan...

harap2 menjadi la rancangan aku nie... aku nak sgt pegi... with members... nk seronok2 dgn mmbers... :))

thousand of hope
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